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From puppy yoga and corporate dog therapy to volunteer time with our EZpups. We believe that all dogs are unique and deserve to be celebrated, so get in touch to learn more about our Corporate and Events services.

Don't leave your best friend at home during your special day. EZpuppy's wedding day services ensure that your dog can walk down the aisle and be a part of your forever memories.  

Dog of Honor

At EZ Puppy, we believe in the power of puppy yoga to not only bring your stress levels down but bring your spirits up. Our puppy yoga classes offer a unique experience, combining the practice of yoga with the unconditional love of puppies. We host our own puppy yoga classes or we can bring our dogs to your studio to add some furry friends into your yoga practice. Experience the joy of puppy yoga today

Puppy Yoga

EZpuppy provides a unique form of therapy with its puppies! We offer puppy therapy services for corporations and events, bringing love, play, and happiness into any space. From corporate stress relief to events with friends, EZpuppy will make any gathering memorable.

Puppy Therapy

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