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Dog Training

We provide customized dog training packages for all breeds of dogs. Our experienced trainers have successfully trained over 50 dogs from reputable breeders in Southern Ontario. Our services are tailored to each individual dog's needs, ensuring they learn the skills to become a happy and well-behaved companion.

Private Training

Our Private Training sessions are the perfect solution for those who need extra guidance and support when training their dog. Starting at just $50 per hour, our programs are customized to address your individual dog's needs. During the training sessions, you will learn specific exercises that you can then use at home to further your pup's progress. We offer training sessions at either your home or at our location.


Board and Train

Our Board and Train packages provide an efficient and effective way to train your pup in the shortest amount of time. Starting at $1600 for two weeks, our program includes multiple training sessions per day, supervised attention, and your pup living at EZPuppy. For best results, we recommend at least one month of training to get the most out of our Board and Train program.

Starting at $1,600/Two Weeks

Puppy Imprinting

Our Puppy Imprinting service offers a comprehensive one or two month program ensuring your pup becomes a well-trained companion. The first month focuses on mastering basic obedience commands such as potty training, sit, down, stay, come, and more. The second month delves into more advanced behaviour commands such as place, loose leash walking and crate training. You and your pup will be ready to take on the world in no time

Starting at $2000/Month

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